PlaceholderFormat Object (PowerPoint)

Contains properties that apply specifically to placeholders, such as placeholder type.

Use the PlaceholderFormat property to return a PlaceholderFormat object. The following example adds text to placeholder one on slide one in the active presentation if that placeholder exists and is a horizontal title placeholder.

With ActivePresentation.Slides(1).Shapes.Placeholders

    If .Count > 0 Then

        With .Item(1)

            Select Case .PlaceholderFormat.Type

                Case ppPlaceholderTitle

                    .TextFrame.TextRange = "Title Text"

                Case ppPlaceholderCenterTitle

                    .TextFrame.TextRange = "Centered Title Text"

                Case Else

                    MsgBox "There's no horizontal " _

                        "title on this slide"

            End Select

        End With

    End If

End With
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