Design Object (PowerPoint)

Represents an individual slide design template. The Design object is a member of the Designs and SlideRange collections and the Master and Slide objects.

Use the Design property of the Master, Slide, or SlideRange objects to access a Design object, for example:

  • ActivePresentation.SlideMaster.Design

  • ActivePresentation.Slides(1).Design

  • ActivePresentation.Slides.Range.Design

Use the Add , Item , Clone , or Load methods of the Designs collection to add, refer to, clone, or load a Design object, respectively. For example, to add a design template, use ActivePresentation.Designs.Add designName:="MyDesign"

The Design object's AddTitleMaster method and HasTitleMaster property can be used to add and / or query the status of a title slide master. For example:

Sub AddQueryTitleMaster(dsn As Design)


    MsgBox dsn.HasTitleMaster

End Sub
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