Pane Object (PowerPoint)

Office 2013 and later

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An object representing one of the three panes in normal view or the single pane of any other view in the document window.

Use Panes(index), where index is the index number for a pane, to return a single Pane object. The following table lists the names of the panes in normal view with their corresponding index numbers.


Index number







When using a document window view other than normal view, use Panes(1) to reference the single Pane object.

Use the Activate method to make the specified pane active.

Use the ViewType property to determine which pane is active.

Normal view is the only view with multiple panes. All other document window views have only a single pane, which is the document window.

The following example uses the ViewType property to determine whether the slide pane is the active pane. If it is, then the Activate method makes the notes pane the active pane.

With ActiveWindow

    If .ActivePane.ViewType = ppViewSlide Then


    End If

End With