What's New in the Outlook 2010 PIA Reference

Office 2010

This version of the Outlook Primary Interop Assembly (PIA) Reference includes all the additions and changes to the Microsoft Outlook 2010 object model. This reference also includes 76 new how-to topics to demonstrate how to use the PIA to implement common Outlook tasks. For more information about the how-to topics in this reference, see How Do I... in Outlook 2010.

New Extensibility Features in the Outlook PIA

This topic gives an overview of the new extensibility features in Outlook 2010, and provides additional references for further information.

New Objects and Enumerations in the Outlook PIA

This topic lists the new objects and enumerations that have been added to Outlook 2010.

New Members and Constants in the Outlook PIA

This topic lists the new members and constants that have been added to existing objects and enumerations in Outlook 2010.

Developer Issues When Upgrading Solutions to Outlook 2010

This topic lists issues to consider before you upgrade existing solutions to Outlook 2010.