Office 2013 and later

This section provides sample tasks that involve Microsoft Outlook rules. Rules are one of the most powerful features in Outlook for helping you stay organized and respond to the continuous flow of messages into your Inbox.

How to: Create a Rule to File Mail Items from a Manager and Flag Them for Follow-Up

Sets up a rule to file mail items from the user’s manager and flags them for follow up.

How to: Execute a Rule Instantly

Executes a rule instantly by using Execute(Object, Object, Object, Object) method of the Rule object.

How to: Execute a Rule on a Local Computer

Executes a rule on a local computer by using the OnLocalMachine property of the RuleConditions object.

How to: Create a Rule to Assign Categories to Mail Items Based on Multiple Words in the Subject

Sets up a rule that assigns categories to mail items based on multiple words in the subject.