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Options.InsertedTextMark Property (Word)

Returns or sets how Microsoft Word formats inserted text while change tracking is enabled (the TrackRevisions property is True). Read/write WdInsertedTextMark.

expression .InsertedTextMark

expression Required. A variable that represents an Options collection.

If change tracking is not enabled, this property is ignored. Use this property with the InsertedTextColor property to control the appearance of inserted text in a document.

The ShowRevisions property must be True to see the formatting for inserted text during editing. The PrintRevisions property must be True in order for Word to use the formatting for inserted text when printing a document.

This example sets Word to italicize inserted text.

Options.InsertedTextMark = wdInsertedTextMarkItalic

This example sets Word to format inserted text as bold if it isn't already.

If Options.InsertedTextMark <> wdInsertedTextMarkBold Then 
 Options.InsertedTextMark = wdInsertedTextMarkBold 
 MsgBox Prompt:="Inserted text is already bold!" 
End If
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