ErrorCheckingOptions.BackgroundChecking Property (Excel)

Alerts the user for all cells that violate enabled error-checking rules. When this property is set to True (default), the AutoCorrect Options button appears next to all cells that violate enabled errors. False disables background checking for errors. Read/write Boolean.

expression .BackgroundChecking

expression A variable that represents an ErrorCheckingOptions object.

Refer to the ErrorCheckingOptions object to view a list of its members that can be enabled.

In the following example, when the user selects cell A1 (which contains a formula referring to empty cells), the AutoCorrect Options button appears.

Sub CheckBackground() 
 ' Simulate an error by referring to empty cells. 
 Application.ErrorCheckingOptions.BackgroundChecking = True 
 ActiveCell.Formula = "=A2/A3" 
End Sub
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