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SpellingOptions Object (Excel)

Represents the various spell checking options for a worksheet.

Use the SpellingOptions property of the Application object to return a SpellingOptions object.

Once a SpellingOptions object is returned, you can use its following properties to set or return various spell checking options.

The following example uses the IgnoreCaps property to disable spell checking for words that have all capitalized letters. In this example, "Testt", but not "TESTT", is identified by the spell checker.

Sub IgnoreAllCAPS() 
 ' Place mispelled versions of the same word in all caps and mixed case. 
 Range("A1").Formula = "Testt" 
 Range("A2").Formula = "TESTT" 
 With Application.SpellingOptions 
 .SuggestMainOnly = True 
 .IgnoreCaps = True 
 End With 
 ' Run a spell check. 
End Sub
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