AllowEditRange Object (Excel)

Represents the cells that can be edited on a protected worksheet.

Use the Add method or the Item property of the AllowEditRanges collection to return an AllowEditRange object.

Once an AllowEditRange object has been returned, you can use the ChangePassword method to change the password to access a range that can be edited on a protected worksheet.

In this example, Microsoft Excel allows edits to range "A1:A4" on the active worksheet, notifies the user, then changes the password for this specified range and notifies the user of this change.

Sub UseChangePassword() 
 Dim wksOne As Worksheet 
 Dim wksPassword As String 
 Set wksOne = Application.ActiveSheet 
 wksPassword = InputBox ("Enter password for the worksheet") 
 ' Establish a range that can allow edits 
 ' on the protected worksheet. 
 wksOne.Protection.AllowEditRanges.Add _ 
 Title:="Classified", _ 
 Range:=Range("A1:A4"), _ 
 MsgBox "Cells A1 to A4 can be edited on the protected worksheet." 
 ' Change the password. 
 wksPassword = InputBox ("Enter the new password for the worksheet") 
 wksOne.Protection.AllowEditRanges(1).ChangePassword _ 
 MsgBox "The password for these cells has been changed." 
End Sub