StyleSheets Object (Word)

Office 2013 and later

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A collection of StyleSheet objects that represents the cascading style sheets attached to a document. The StyleSheets collection includes all cascading style sheets displayed in the Linked CSS Style Sheets dialog box.

Use the StyleSheets property to return the StyleSheets collection. Use the Add method to add a style sheet to the StyleSheets collection. The following example adds three cascading style sheets to the active document and sets the third as the highest in precedence.

Sub AddCSS() 
 With ActiveDocument.StyleSheets 
 .Add FileName:="Web.css", Title:="Web Styles" 
 .Add FileName:="New.css", Linktype:=wdStyleSheetLinkTypeImported, _ 
 Title:="New Styles" 
 .Add FileName:="Defs.css", Title:="Definitions", _ 
 End With 
End Sub