EmailOptions Object (Word)

Office 2013 and later

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Contains global application-level attributes used by Microsoft Word when you create and edit e-mail messages and replies.

Use the EmailOptions property to return the EmailOptions object.

This example changes the font color of the default style used to compose new e-mail messages.

Application.EmailOptions.ComposeStyle.Font.Color = _ 

This example sets Word to mark comments in e-mail messages with the initials "WK."

Application.EmailOptions.MarkCommentsWith = "WK" 
Application.EmailOptions.MarkComments = True

This example changes the signatures Word appends to new outgoing e-mail messages and e-mail message replies.

With Application.EmailOptions.EmailSignature 
 .NewMessageSignature = "Signature1" 
 .ReplyMessageSignature = "Reply2" 
End With