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Slicers Object (Excel)

A collection of Slicer objects.

Version Added: Excel 2010

Each Slicer object represents a slicer in a workbook. Slicers are used to filter data.

Use the Slicers property to return the Slicers collection. The following code example displays the number of slicers in the first slicer cache in the workbook.

MsgBox ActiveWorkbook.SlicerCaches(1).Slicers.Count

Use Slicers(index), where index is the slicer index number or name, to return a single Slicer object from the slicers collection. The following code example changes the caption for the first slicer in the first slicer cache to "My Slicer".

ActiveWorkbook.SlicerCaches(1).Slicers(1).Caption = "My Slicer"
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