TablesOfAuthoritiesCategories Object (Word)

Office 2013 and later

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A collection of TableOfAuthoritiesCategory objects that represent the table of authorities categories, such as Cases and Statutes. The TablesOfAuthoritiesCategories collection includes all 16 categories listed in the Category box on the Table of Authorities tab in the Index and Tables dialog box.

Use the TablesOfAuthoritiesCategories property to return the TablesOfAuthoritiesCategories collection. The following example displays the names of the categories in the TablesOfAuthoritiesCategories collection.

For Each aCat In ActiveDocument.TablesOfAuthoritiesCategories 
 response = MsgBox(Prompt:=aCat, Buttons:=vbOKCancel) 
 If response = vbCancel Then Exit For 
Next aCat

The Add method isn't available for the TablesOfAuthoritiesCategories collection. The collection is limited to 16 items; however, you can use the Name property to rename an existing category.

Use TablesOfAuthoritiesCategories(Index), where Index is the category name or index number, to return a single TableOfAuthoritiesCategory object. The following example renames the Rules category as Other Provisions.

ActiveDocument.TablesOfAuthoritiesCategories("Rules").Name = _ 
 "Other Provisions"

The index number represents the position of the category in the Index and Tables dialog box. The following example displays the name of the first category in the TablesOfAuthoritiesCategories collection.

MsgBox ActiveDocument.TablesOfAuthoritiesCategories(1).Name