Window.ActiveCell Property (Excel)

Returns a Range object that represents the active cell in the active window (the window on top) or in the specified window. If the window isn't displaying a worksheet, this property fails. Read-only.

expression .ActiveCell

expression A variable that represents a Window object.

If you don't specify an object qualifier, this property returns the active cell in the active window.

Be careful to distinguish between the active cell and the selection. The active cell is a single cell inside the current selection. The selection may contain more than one cell, but only one is the active cell.

The following expressions all return the active cell, and are all equivalent.


This example uses a message box to display the value in the active cell. Because the ActiveCell property fails if the active sheet isn't a worksheet, the example activates Sheet1 before using the ActiveCell property.

MsgBox ActiveCell.Value

This example changes the font formatting for the active cell.

With ActiveCell.Font 
 .Bold = True 
 .Italic = True 
End With