Office 2013 and later

This section provides sample topics that involve contacts. Contacts represent people and businesses you want to communicate with. The Contacts folder is your e-mail address book and information storage for the contacts. A ContactItem object is an Outlook built-in object that represents unique contacts in a Contacts folder. The ContactItem object has over 100 properties, such as FirstName, CompanyName, and OfficeLocation, as well as custom properties if the built-in properties are not sufficient, that you can use to store information about each contact.

How to: Create a Contact Item

Creates a contact item and sets various properties for the contact.

How to: Create a Custom Contact Item

Creates a custom contact item and sets both predefined and user-defined properties.

How to: Create a Contact Item from a vCard file and Save the Item in a Folder

Imports all the vCard files in a file system folder and saves the contacts into the folder specified by the targetFolder parameter.