Address Book

This section provides sample tasks that involve address books. Address books are used to provide an addressing system for users to communicate electronically. Examples of address book providers include the Exchange Global Address List (GAL), Outlook Address Book, Exchange containers, and offline address book (OAB).

How to: Display in the Select Names Dialog Box the Address Book Corresponding to a Contacts Folder

Obtains the address book that corresponds to the default Contacts folder, and then displays the address book in the Select Names dialog box.

How to: Get the Global Address List or a Set of Address Lists for a Store

Contains two code examples that show how to get the Global Address List (GAL) that is associated with a store, and how to get all of the address lists that are associated with a store.

How to: Enumerate the Entries in the Global Address List

Enumerates the first 100 primary Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) addresses in the Global Address List (GAL).

How to: Display the Address Lists for a Profile

Displays the address lists for the current profile.