Exchange Users

Office 2013 and later

This section provides sample tasks that involve Microsoft Exchange mailbox users. Exchange users are connected to an Exchange server, and are represented by ExchangeUser objects, which are derived from the AddressEntry object.

How to: Get Information About the Current User

Gets the current user’s information, such as name, job title, and telephone number.

How to: Get Information About All Distribution Lists of Which the Current User is a Member

Uses the GetMemberOfList() method to get information about all distribution lists of which the current user is a member.

How to: Create a Distribution List

Creates a distribution list and displays it to the user.

How to: Get Members of an Exchange Distribution List

Prompts the user to select an Exchange distribution list from the Select Names dialog box and expands the distribution list to display its members.

How to: Get Information About the Current User's Manager

Gets information (such as name, job title, and phone numbers) about the current user’s manager.

How to: Get Availability Information for an Exchange User's Manager

Displays the next free 60-minute time slot in the calendar for a user's manager.

How to: Check a Manager's Response to a Meeting Request

Uses the GetExchangeUser() and GetExchangeUserManager() methods to check the status of the response of the current user's manager to a meeting request.

How to: Get Information About Direct Reports of the Current User's Manager

Gets the direct reports of the current user’s manager, if any, and then displays information about each of the manager’s direct reports.