ConversionJobStatus.GetAllActiveJobs Method (String, Nullable<Guid>)

Gets all conversion jobs with one or more active conversion items (that is, conversion items whose status is InProgress or NotStarted).

Namespace:  Microsoft.Office.Word.Server.Conversions
Assembly:  Microsoft.Office.Word.Server (in Microsoft.Office.Word.Server.dll)

public static ReadOnlyCollection<ConversionJobInfo> GetAllActiveJobs(
	string name,
	Nullable<Guid> subscriptionId


Type: System.String

The user-defined friendly name of the WordServiceApplicationProxy object that serviced the conversion jobs returned by this method.

Type: System.Nullable<Guid>

A Nullable<Guid> structure that specifies a tenant partition.


If the SharePoint farm is not configured for multiple tenants, then pass a null reference (Nothing in Visual Basic) as the argument for this parameter.

The collection of Guid structures returned by this method is scoped to a single partition. Each GUID corresponds to the JobId of a ConversionJob object with active conversion items.