KioskSlideMode Class
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KioskSlideMode Class

Kiosk Slide Show Mode.When the object is serialized out as xml, its qualified name is p:kiosk.

Namespace:  DocumentFormat.OpenXml.Presentation
Assembly:  DocumentFormat.OpenXml (in DocumentFormat.OpenXml.dll)

public class KioskSlideMode : OpenXmlLeafElement

[ISO/IEC 29500-1 1st Edition] kiosk (Kiosk Slide Show Mode)

This element specifies that the presentation slide show should be viewed in a full-screen kiosk mode. A presentation viewed in kiosk mode should have user input disabled and restarts after a specified interval.

[Example: Consider the following presentation that is set to be viewed in a looping kiosk mode.

<p:presentationPr xmlns:a="" xmlns:r="" xmlns:p="">
  <p:showPr loop="1" showNarration="1">

end example]

Parent Elements

showPr (§



restart (Restart Show)

Specifies the time length that the presentation should run until it is to be restarted. That is, the presentation should loop back to the first slide specified in the presentation or custom show. This value is specified in 1/1000ths of a second and measured from the most recent time the presentation started or restarted.

[Note: The counter is reset when a presentation is restarted due to automatic looping at the end of a show, if specified by the loop attribute of showPr. end note]

The possible values for this attribute are defined by the W3C XML Schema unsignedInt datatype.

[Note: The W3C XML Schema definition of this element’s content model (CT_ShowInfoKiosk) is located in §A.3. end note]

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