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Last modified: January 27, 2015

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In addition to creating task pane apps for PowerPoint 2013 and PowerPoint Online, with the release of Office 2013 SP1 you can also create content apps. Content apps integrate web-based features as content that can be shown in line with the presentation. Content apps let you integrate rich, web-based data visualizations, embedded media (such as a YouTube video player or a picture gallery), as well as other external content.

Apps for PowerPoint now support the following additions and updates to the API:

  • Updates to the Document.getFileAsync method to support getting the current presentation as a PDF file.

  • New Document.getFileProperties method to get file properties. Supports only getting the file's URL in this release.

  • New Document.getActiveViewAsync method returns whether the presentation's current view is "edit" (any of the views in which you can edit slides, such as Normal or Outline View) or "read" (Slide Show or Reading View) view.

  • New Document.ActiveViewChanged event fires when the user changes the presentation's view.

  • New Document.goToByIdAsync method to navigate to locations in the presentation:

    • The slide the user currently has selected.

    • By index to the first, last, previous, or next slide

  • Updates to the Document.getSelectedDataAsync method to support getting the id of the currently selected slide

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