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The best way to learn to develop a Cloud Business Add-in for SharePoint is to jump in and try it. The following tutorials and associate samples walk you through the process step-by-step. Go ahead – it’s much easier than you might imagine.

Last modified: August 07, 2015

Applies to: SharePoint Add-ins

Note Note

The name "apps for SharePoint" is changing to "SharePoint Add-ins". During the transition, the documentation and the UI of some SharePoint products and Visual Studio tools might still use the term "apps for SharePoint". For details, see New name for apps for Office and SharePoint.

In this tutorial, you'll create an add-in for a fictional Contoso Fire Department to handle on-scene incident management. The walkthrough covers the core concepts of building a Cloud Business Add-in as well as more advanced concepts such as integrating SharePoint lists and document libraries. See Incident manager: A cloud business add-in tutorial for the tutorial topic and Incident Manager: A Cloud Business Add-in Tutorial for the sample.

In this walkthrough, you’ll create an add-in to track job candidates, taking advantage of the SharePoint for Office 365 social integration feature to provide a newsfeed for the add-in. See Create a cloud business add-in with a social newsfeed for the walkthrough topic and Creating a Cloud Business Add-in with a Social Newsfeed for the sample.