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2.2.1 Character Position (CP)


A character position, which is also known as a CP, is an unsigned 32-bit integer that serves as the zero-based index of a character in the document text. There is no requirement that the text at consecutive character positions be at adjacent locations in the file. The size of each character in the file also varies. The location and size of each character in the file can be computed using the algorithm in section 2.4.1 (Retrieving Text).

Characters include the text of the document, anchors for objects such as footnotes or textboxes, and control characters such as paragraph marks and table cell marks.

Unless otherwise specified by a particular usage, a CP MUST be greater than or equal to zero and less than 0x7FFFFFFF. The range of valid character positions in a particular document is given by the algorithm in section 2.4.1 (Retrieving Text).