RemoveDelegates method (Mailbox, IEnumerable(UserId))
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ExchangeService.RemoveDelegates method (Mailbox, IEnumerable<UserId>)

Removes delegates from a specific mailbox.

Namespace:  Microsoft.Exchange.WebServices.Data
Assembly:  Microsoft.Exchange.WebServices (in Microsoft.Exchange.WebServices.dll)

public Collection<DelegateUserResponse> RemoveDelegates(
	Mailbox mailbox,
	IEnumerable<UserId> userIds


Type: Microsoft.Exchange.WebServices.Data.Mailbox

The mailbox from which delegates are to be removed.

Type: System.Collections.Generic.IEnumerable<UserId>

The IDs of the delegates to be removed from the specified mailbox.

Return value

Type: System.Collections.ObjectModel.Collection<DelegateUserResponse>
A collection of objects that provides the results of the operation.

Calling this method results in a call to Exchange Web Services (EWS).

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