IDistList : IMAPIContainer

Last modified: January 16, 2009

Applies to: Office 2010 | Outlook 2010 | Visual Studio

Provides access to distribution lists in modifiable address book containers. IDistList can create, copy, and delete distribution lists, in addition to performing name resolution.

Header file:


Exposed by:

Distribution list objects

Implemented by:

Address book providers

Called by:

Client applications

Interface identifier:


Pointer type:


Transaction model:


This interface does not have any unique methods.

Required properties


PR_ADDRTYPE (PidTagAddressType)


PR_DISPLAY_NAME (PidTagDisplayName)


PR_ENTRYID (PidTagEntryId)


PR_OBJECT_TYPE (PidTagObjectType)


PR_RECORD_KEY (PidTagRecordKey)


The IDistList interface inherits from IMAPIContainer and includes the same methods as address book containers. Therefore, because the methods of the IDistList interface are identical to those of the IABContainer interface, they are not duplicated here.

A distribution list or object that implements IDistList is a collection of messaging user objects, or individual recipients. A distribution list can consist of all messaging user objects, or some messaging user and some distribution lists.

There are typically two types of distribution lists:

  • Distribution lists that are expanded by the underlying messaging system. This type of list has an address, PR_EMAIL_ADDRESS (PidTagEmailAddress), and is treated the same as if it were an individual recipient.

  • Distribution lists that exist in a local container and are expanded by the client application.

Optional distribution list properties include the following:

Notice that PR_ADDRTYPE is required, but PR_EMAIL_ADDRESS (PidTagEmailAddress) is not. That is because a distribution list without an e-mail address can still receive messages, but its member list must be expanded. If the PR_ADDRTYPE property is set to MAPIPDL, MAPI performs the expansion. If PR_ADDRTYPE is a value other than MAPIPDL, the transport provider performs the expansion.

For additional information about how to use the IDistList methods, see the reference entries for the parallel methods of IABContainer.