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MFCMAPI Reference

Returns flag settings from the progress object for the level of operation on which progress information is calculated.

  ULONG FAR * lpulFlags


[out] A bitmask of flags that controls the level of operation on which progress information is calculated. The following flag can be returned:


Progress is being calculated for the top-level object, the object that is called by the client to begin the operation. For example, the top-level object in a folder copy operation is the folder that is being copied. When MAPI_TOP_LEVEL is not set, progress is calculated for a lower level object, or subobject. In the folder copy operation, a lower level object is one of the subfolders in the folder that is being copied.


The flags value was returned successfully.

MAPI enables service providers to differentiate between top-level objects and subobjects with the MAPI_TOP_LEVEL flag so that all objects involved in an operation can use the same IMAPIProgress implementation to show progress. This causes the indicator display to proceed smoothly in a single positive direction. Whether the MAPI_TOP_LEVEL flag is set determines how service providers set the other parameters in subsequent calls to the progress object.

The value returned by GetFlags is set initially by the implementer and subsequently by the service provider through a call to the IMAPIProgress::SetLimits method.

Always initialize the flag to MAPI_TOP_LEVEL and then rely on service providers to clear it when appropriate. Service providers can clear and reset the flag by calling the IMAPIProgress::SetLimits method. For more information about how to implement GetFlags and the other IMAPIProgress methods, see Implementing a Progress Indicator.

When you display a progress indicator, make your first call a call to IMAPIProgress::GetFlags. The returned value should be MAPI_TOP_LEVEL, because all implementations initialize the contents of the lpulFlags parameter to this value. For more information about the sequence of calls to a progress object, see How to: Display a Progress Indicator.

For MFCMAPI sample code, see the following table.






MFCMAPI uses the IMAPIProgress::GetFlags method to determine which flags are set. Returns MAPI_TOP_LEVEL unless flags have been set by using the IMAPIProgress::SetLimits method.