Last modified: July 23, 2011

Applies to: Outlook

Defines a callback function to process accelerator keys in a modeless address book dialog box.

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Client applications

  ULONG_PTR ulUIParam,
  LPVOID lpvmsg


[in] An implementation-specific value used for passing user interface information to a function. In applications running on Microsoft Windows, ulUIParam is the parent window handle for a dialog box and is of type HWND, cast to a ULONG_PTR. A value of zero indicates there is no parent window.


[in] Pointer to a Windows message.

A function with the ACCELERATEABSDI prototype returns TRUE if it handles the message.

A function based on the ACCELERATEABSDI prototype is used only with a modeless dialog, that is, only if the client application has set the DIALOG_SDI flag in the ulFlags member of the ADRPARM structure.

A modeless dialog shares the client application's Windows message loop, instead of having its own loop. The application, which controls the message loop, does not know what accelerator keys the dialog uses, so it calls an ACCELERATEABSDI based function to test for and act upon accelerator keys such as CTRL+P for printing.

A client's message loop calls the ACCELERATEABSDI based function when the client invokes a modeless address book dialog box with the IAddrBook::Address method. This call is terminated when MAPI calls a function based on the DISMISSMODELESS function prototype.