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IMSLogon : IUnknown

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Accesses resources in a message store logon object.

Header file:


Exposed by:

Message store logon objects

Implemented by:

Message store providers

Called by:


Interface identifier:


Pointer type:



Returns a MAPIERROR structure that contains information about the last error that occurred for the message store object.


Logs off a message store provider.


Opens a folder or message object and returns a pointer to the object to provide further access.


Compares two entry identifiers to determine whether they refer to the same object.


Registers an object with a message store provider for notifications about changes in the message store.


Removes an object's registration for notification of message store changes previously established by using a call to the IMSLogon::Advise method.


Opens a status object.

The message store logon object is the part of an open message store provider that MAPI calls directly. There is a one-to-one correspondence between the message store logon object that MAPI calls and the message store object that client applications call; you can think of the logon and store objects as one object that exposes two interfaces. The two objects are created together and freed together.