Last modified: July 23, 2011

Applies to: Outlook

Deletes a table row.

HRESULT HrDeleteRow(
  LPSPropValue lpSPropValue


[in] A pointer to a property value structure that describes the index column for the row to be deleted. The ulPropTag member of the property value structure should contain the same property tag as the ulPropTagIndexColumn parameter from the call to the CreateTable function.


The row was successfully deleted.


The property pointed to by the lpSPropValue parameter does not identify a row in the table.

The ITableData::HrDeleteRow method removes the table row that contains the column that matches the property pointed to by the lpSPropValue parameter. The data for the row is deleted and the row is removed from all open views.

After the row is deleted, notifications are sent to all clients or service providers that have a view of the table and that have called the table's IMAPITable::Advise method to register for notifications.

Deleting a row does not reduce the column set that is available to existing views or subsequently opened views, even if the deleted row is the last row that has a value for a specific column.