Last modified: July 23, 2011

Applies to: Outlook

Cancels notifications that were previously set up with a call to the IABLogon::Advise method.

HRESULT Unadvise(
  ULONG ulConnection


[in] The connection number associated with an active notification registration. A previous call to Advise must have returned the value of ulConnection.


The notification registration was successfully canceled.

MAPI calls the Unadvise method to cancel a notification registration for a container, messaging user, or distribution list object.

Your implementation of Unadvise will depend on whether you support notification with MAPI's help or manually. If MAPI provides your support, call the IMAPISupport::Unsubscribe method to cancel the registration. If another thread is in the process of calling the advise sink's IMAPIAdviseSink::OnNotify method, it can be delayed until OnNotify has returned.

For more information about the notification process, see Event Notification in MAPI. For information about how to use the IMAPISupport : IUnknown methods to support notification, see Supporting Event Notification.