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Compares two property values using a specified relational operator.

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Client applications and service providers

BOOL FPropCompareProp(
  LPSPropValue lpSPropValue1,
  ULONG ulRelOp,
  LPSPropValue lpSPropValue2


[in] Pointer to an SPropValue structure defining the first property value for comparison.


[in] The relational operator to use in the comparison. For allowable values, see the SComparePropsRestriction structure.


[in] Pointer to an SPropValue structure defining the second property value for comparison.


The property values satisfy the specified relation.


The property values do not satisfy the specified relation.

The comparison method depends on the property types specified in the SPropValue property definitions. The FPropCompareProp and FPropContainsProp functions can be used to prepare restrictions for generating a table.

The order of comparison is lpSPropValue1, ulRelOp, lpSPropValue2. If the property types of the property values to be compared do not match, the FPropCompareProp function returns FALSE.