Last modified: July 23, 2011

Applies to: Outlook

Contains an array of STnefProblem structures describing one or more processing problems that occurred during the encoding or decoding of a Transport Neutral Encapsulation Format (TNEF) stream.

Header file:


typedef struct _STnefProblemArray
  ULONG cProblem;
  STnefProblem aProblem[MAPI_DIM];
}STnefProblemArray, FAR * LPSTnefProblemArray


Count of elements in the array specified in the aProblem member.


Array of STnefProblem structures. Each structure contains information about a property or attribute processing problem.

If a problem occurs during attribute or property processing, an output parameter in the ITnef::ExtractProps method and in the ITnef::Finish method each receive a pointer to an STnefProblemArray structure and ExtractProps and Finish each return the value MAPI_W_ERRORS_RETURNED. This error value indicates that a problem arose during processing and an STnefProblemArray structure was generated.

If an STnefProblem structure is not generated during the processing of an attribute or property, the client application can continue under the assumption that the processing of that attribute or property succeeded. The only exception occurs when the problem arose during decoding of an encapsulation block. If the error occurred during this decoding, MAPI_E_UNABLE_TO_COMPLETE can be returned as the SCODE in the structure. In this case, the decoding of the component corresponding to the block is stopped and decoding is continued in another component.