Last modified: July 23, 2011

Applies to: Outlook

Contains information about a check box that will be used in a dialog box built from a display table.

Header file:


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typedef struct _DTBLCHECKBOX
  ULONG ulbLpszLabel;
  ULONG ulFlags;
  ULONG ulPRPropertyName;


Position in memory of the character string that is displayed with the check box.


Bitmask of flags used to designate the format of the check box label. The following flag can be set:


The label is in Unicode format. If the MAPI_UNICODE flag is not set, the label is in ANSI format.


Property tag for a property of type PT_BOOLEAN. The value of this property is affected by the state of the check box.

A DTBLCHECKBOX structure describes a check box a control that reflects one of two states: enabled (a checked box) or disabled (an empty box).

The ulPRPropertyName member describes a Boolean property whose value is manipulated by changing the state of the check box. When the check box is first displayed, MAPI calls the GetProps method of the IMAPIProp implementation that is associated with the display table to retrieve a set of default properties. If one of the properties maps to the property tag in the DTBLCHECKBOX structure, the value for that property is displayed as the check box's initial value.

Check box controls can be modifiable. This allows a user to change their states. Modifiable check boxes set the DT_EDITABLE flag in the ulCtlFlags member of their DTCTL structure and in their PR_CONTROL_FLAGS (PidTagControlFlags) property. When a check box changes its state, MAPI calls IMAPIProp::SetProps to set the property identified in the property tag member of the DTBLCHECKBOX structure to the new state.

For example, an address book provider might include a modifiable check box control in its configuration dialog box to adjust the setting of a recipient's PR_SEND_RICH_INFO (PidTagSendRichInfo) property. When the user selects the check box, MAPI sets this property to TRUE. When the check box is unselected, the property is set to FALSE.

For an overview of display tables, see Display Tables. For information about how to implement a display table, see Implementing a Display Table. For information about property types, see MAPI Property Type Overview.