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ERP Connector Concepts and Architecture

Office 2007

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The ERP Connector Solution Starter for Microsoft Office Project Server 2007 is completely rewritten from the previous version to use the Project Server Interface (PSI) and to provide an extensible plug-in architecture. The use case scenarios of the solution starter for the mySAP™ ERP solution remain the same as they were for the ERP Connector for Microsoft Office Project Server 2003, but the new architecture enables you to more easily adapt the ERP Connector to other line-of-business applications.

  • ERP Connector Scenarios describes several ERP Connector use case examples, for the mySAP ERP Human Capital Management solution and for the mySAP Financials solution.

  • ERP Connector Architecture explains the relationships between the mySAP ERP solutions and the ERP Connector components installed on Project Server 2007.