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Integrate with Microsoft Office Programs

Office 2007

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You can enhance the solution you created based on Contact Manager by working with the following Microsoft Office 2007 programs:

Microsoft Office Product

Description of Integration

Office Outlook 2007 

Using the Connect to Outlook feature, you can export list views from the Contacts list to a Contacts folder in Office Outlook 2007. When you export a Contacts list to Office Outlook 2007, changes made to either the list or the Outlook 2007 folder are automatically reflected in both places.

Office Access 2007  

You can export a Contact Manager list to a table in a new or existing Office Access 2007 database. You have the option to export a list view to a table that does not share information or export a list to a table that shares information with the list. You can then use Office Access 2007 to create reports to analyze the data.

Office Excel 2007  

You can export a Contact Manager list view to an existing worksheet, a new worksheet, or a new workbook in Office Excel 2007. When you export a list view, you create a query in Office Excel 2007 that retrieves information from the list view. The spreadsheet is automatically linked to the list view and can draw information from it. You can then use Office Excel 2007 to create reports to analyze the data.