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TextStyleLevel Object

Office 2007
Contains character and paragraph formatting information for an outline level.


The TextStyleLevel object is a member of the TextStyleLevels collection. The TextStyleLevels collection contains one TextStyleLevel object for each of the five outline levels.


Use Levels(index), where index is a number from 1 through 5 that corresponds to the outline level, to return a single TextStyleLevel object. The following example sets the font name and font size, the space before paragraphs, and the paragraph alignment for level-one body text on all the slides in the active presentation.

Visual Basic for Applications
With ActivePresentation.SlideMaster _
    With .Font
        .Name = "Arial"
        .Size = 36
    End With
    With .ParagraphFormat
        .LineRuleBefore = False
        .SpaceBefore = 14
        .Alignment = ppAlignJustify
    End With
End With

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