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HeadersFooters Object

Office 2007
Contains all the HeaderFooter objects on the specified slide, notes page, handout, or master.


Each HeaderFooter object represents a header, footer, date and time, or slide number.

Bb265522.vs_note(en-us,office.12).gif  Note
HeaderFooter objects aren't available for Slide objects that represent notes pages. The HeaderFooter object that represents a header is available only for a notes master or handout master.


Use the HeadersFooters property to return the HeadersFooters object. Use the DateAndTime, Footer, Header, or SlideNumber property to return an individual HeaderFooter object. The following example sets the footer text for slide one in the active presentation.

Visual Basic for Applications
ActivePresentation.Slides(1).HeadersFooters.Footer _
    .Text = "Volcano Coffee"

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