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Fonts Object

Office 2007
A collection of all the Font objects in the specified presentation.


Each Font object represents a font that's used in the presentation.

The Fonts collection is used by the Geni Wizard to determine whether any of the fonts in the specified presentation won't be supported when Genigraphics images the slides. If you just want to set character formatting for a particular bullet or text range, use the Font property to return the Font object for the bullet or text range.

The Genigraphics wizard enables users to transmit their presentations directly to Genigraphics for conversion into film slides, overhead transparencies, or other specialized media formats. For more information about the services Genigraphics provides, visit the Genigraphics Web site. This service may not be available outside the United States.


Use the Fonts property to return the Fonts collection. The following example displays the number of fonts used in the active presentation.

Visual Basic for Applications
MsgBox ActivePresentation.Fonts.Count

Use Fonts(index), where index is the font's name or index number, to return a single Font object. The following example checks to see whether font one in the active presentation is embedded in the presentation.

Visual Basic for Applications
If ActivePresentation.Fonts(1).Embedded = True Then
    MsgBox "Font 1 is embedded"

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