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WdThemeColorIndex Enumeration

Office 2007
Specifies the theme colors for document themes.

Version Information
 Version Added:  

wdNotThemeColor-1No color.
wdThemeColorAccent14Accent color 1.
wdThemeColorAccent25Accent color 2.
wdThemeColorAccent36Accent color 3.
wdThemeColorAccent47Accent color 4.
wdThemeColorAccent58Accent color 5.
wdThemeColorAccent69Accent color 6.
wdThemeColorBackground112Background color 1.
wdThemeColorBackground214Background color 2.
wdThemeColorHyperlink10Hyperlink color.
wdThemeColorHyperlinkFollowed11Followed hyperlink color.
wdThemeColorMainDark10Dark main color 1.
wdThemeColorMainDark22Dark main color 2.
wdThemeColorMainLight11Light main color 1.
wdThemeColorMainLight23Light main color 2.
wdThemeColorText113Text color 1.
wdThemeColorText215Text color 2.

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