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WdTextboxTightWrap Enumeration

Office 2007
Specifies how Microsoft Office Word tightly wraps text around text boxes.

Version Information
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wdTightAll1Wraps text around the text box tightly to the contents of the text box on all lines.
wdTightFirstAndLastLines2Wraps text tightly only on first and last lines.
wdTightFirstLineOnly3Wraps text tightly only on the first line.
wdTightLastLineOnly4Wraps text tightly only on the last line.
wdTightNone0Does not wrap text tightly around the contents of a text box.


Typically, text is wrapped to the extents of the text box, including any white space around its contents. These settings allow the surrounding text to wrap to the contents of the text box and not the extents of the text box itself.

Bb243342.vs_note(en-us,office.12).gif  Note
This setting works only if the text box is floating and has no border or fill set.