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WdMoveFromTextMark Enumeration

Office 2007
Marks the moved-from text when text in a document with tracked changes is moved from one place to another.

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wdMoveFromTextMarkBold6Marks moved text with bold formatting.
wdMoveFromTextMarkCaret3Marks moved text with a caret.
wdMoveFromTextMarkColorOnly10Marks moved text with color only. Use the MoveFromTextColor property to set the color of moved text.
wdMoveFromTextMarkDoubleStrikeThrough1Marks moved text with a double strikethrough.
wdMoveFromTextMarkDoubleUnderline9Marks moved text with a double underline.
wdMoveFromTextMarkHidden0Hides moved text.
wdMoveFromTextMarkItalic7Marks moved text with italic formatting.
wdMoveFromTextMarkNone5No special formatting for moved text.
wdMoveFromTextMarkPound4Marks moved text with a pound (number) sign.
wdMoveFromTextMarkStrikeThrough2Marks moved text with a strikethrough.
wdMoveFromTextMarkUnderline8Underlines moved text.


Use with the MoveFromTextMark property.

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