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WdCompatibility Enumeration

Office 2007
Specifies a compatibility option.

Version Information
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wdAlignTablesRowByRow39Align table rows independently.
wdApplyBreakingRules46Use line-breaking rules.
wdAutospaceLikeWW738Autospace like Microsoft Word 95.
wdConvMailMergeEsc6Treat \" as "" in mail merge data sources.
wdDontAdjustLineHeightInTable36Adjust line height to grid height in the table.
wdDontBalanceSingleByteDoubleByteWidth16Balance SBCS characters and DBCS characters.
wdDontBreakWrappedTables43Do not break wrapped tables across pages.
wdDontSnapTextToGridInTableWithObjects44Do not snap text to grid inside table with inline objects.
wdDontULTrailSpace15Draw underline on trailing spaces.
wdDontUseAsianBreakRulesInGrid48Do not use Asian rules for line breaks with character grid.
wdDontUseHTMLParagraphAutoSpacing35Do not use HTML paragraph auto spacing.
wdDontWrapTextWithPunctuation47Do not allow hanging punctuation with character grid.
wdExactOnTop28Do not center "exact line height" lines.
wdExpandShiftReturn14Do not expand character spaces on the line ending Shift+Return.
wdFootnoteLayoutLikeWW834Lay out footnotes like Word 6.x/95/97.
wdForgetLastTabAlignment37Forget last tab alignment.
wdGrowAutofit50Allow tables to extend into margins.
wdLayoutRawTableWidth40Lay out tables with raw width.
wdLayoutTableRowsApart41Allow table rows to lay out apart.
wdLeaveBackslashAlone13Convert backslash characters into yen signs.
wdLineWrapLikeWord632Line wrap like Word 6.0.
wdMWSmallCaps22Use larger small caps like Word 5.x for the Macintosh.
wdNoColumnBalance5Do not balance columns for continuous section starts.
wdNoExtraLineSpacing23Suppress extra line spacing like WordPerfect 5.x.
wdNoLeading20Do not add leading (extra space) between rows of text.
wdNoSpaceForUL21Add space for underline.
wdNoSpaceRaiseLower2Do not add extra space for raised/lowered characters.
wdNoTabHangIndent1Do not add automatic tab stop for hanging indent.
wdOrigWordTableRules9Combine table borders like Word 5.x for the Macintosh.
wdPrintBodyTextBeforeHeader19Print body text before header/footer.
wdPrintColBlack3Print colors as black on noncolor printers.
wdSelectFieldWithFirstOrLastCharacter45Select entire field with first or last character.
wdShapeLayoutLikeWW833Lay out autoshapes like Word 97.
wdShowBreaksInFrames11Show hard page or column breaks in frames.
wdSpacingInWholePoints18Expand/condense by whole number of points.
wdSubFontBySize25Substitute fonts based on font size.
wdSuppressBottomSpacing29Suppress extra line spacing at bottom of page.
wdSuppressSpBfAfterPgBrk7Suppress Space Before after a hard page or column break.
wdSuppressTopSpacing8Suppress extra line spacing at top of page.
wdSuppressTopSpacingMac517Suppress extra line spacing at top of page like Word 5.x for the Macintosh.
wdSwapBordersFacingPages12Swap left and right borders on odd facing pages.
wdTransparentMetafiles10Do not blank the area behind metafile pictures.
wdTruncateFontHeight24Truncate font height.
wdUsePrinterMetrics26Use printer metrics to lay out document.
wdUseWord2002TableStyleRules49Use Microsoft Word 2002 table style rules.
wdUseWord97LineBreakingRules42Use Microsoft Word 97 line breaking rules for Asian text.
wdWPJustification31Do full justification like WordPerfect 6.x for Windows.
wdWPSpaceWidth30Set the width of a space like WordPerfect 5.x.
wdWrapTrailSpaces4Wrap trailing spaces to next line.
wdWW6BorderRules27Use Word 6.x/95 border rules.
wdAllowSpaceOfSameStyleInTable54Allow space between paragraphs of the same style in a table.
wdAutofitLikeWW1157Use Microsoft Office Word 2003 table autofit rules.
wdDontAutofitConstrainedTables56Do not autofit tables next to wrapped objects.
wdDontUseIndentAsNumberingTabStop52Do not use hanging indent as tab stop for bullets and numbering.
wdFELineBreak1153Use Word 2003 hanging-punctuation rules in Asian langauges.
wdHangulWidthLikeWW1159Do not use proportional width for Korean characters.
wdSplitPgBreakAndParaMark60Split apart page break and paragraph mark.
wdUnderlineTabInNumList58Underline the tab character between the number and the text in numbered lists.
wdUseNormalStyleForList51Use the Normal style instead of the List Paragraph style for bulleted or numbered lists.
wdWW11IndentRules55Use Word 2003 indent rules for text next to wrapped objects.


Compatibility options affect how a document is displayed in Microsoft Office Word. The wdCompatibility enumeration is used with the Compatibility property of the Document object.

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