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WdFieldType Enumeration

Office 2007
Specifies a Microsoft Office Word field. Unless otherwise specified, the field types described in this enumeration can be added interactively to a Word document by using the Field dialog box. See the Word Help for more information about specific field codes.

Version Information
 Version Added:  

wdFieldAddin81Add-in field. Not available through the Field dialog box. Used to store data that is hidden from the user interface.
wdFieldAddressBlock93AddressBlock field.
wdFieldAdvance84Advance field.
wdFieldAsk38Ask field.
wdFieldAuthor17Author field.
wdFieldAutoNum54AutoNum field.
wdFieldAutoNumLegal53AutoNumLgl field.
wdFieldAutoNumOutline52AutoNumOut field.
wdFieldAutoText79AutoText field.
wdFieldAutoTextList89AutoTextList field.
wdFieldBarCode63BarCode field.
wdFieldBidiOutline92BidiOutline field.
wdFieldComments19Comments field.
wdFieldCompare80Compare field.
wdFieldCreateDate21CreateDate field.
wdFieldData40Data field.
wdFieldDatabase78Database field.
wdFieldDate31Date field.
wdFieldDDE45DDE field. No longer available through the Field dialog box, but supported for documents created in earlier versions of Word.
wdFieldDDEAuto46DDEAuto field. No longer available through the Field dialog box, but supported for documents created in earlier versions of Word.
wdFieldDocProperty85DocProperty field.
wdFieldDocVariable64DocVariable field.
wdFieldEditTime25EditTime field.
wdFieldEmbed58Embedded field.
wdFieldEmpty-1Empty field. Acts as a placeholder for field content that has not yet been added. A field added by pressing Ctrl+F9 in the user interface is an Empty field.
wdFieldExpression34= (Formula) field.
wdFieldFileName29FileName field.
wdFieldFileSize69FileSize field.
wdFieldFillIn39Fill-In field.
wdFieldFootnoteRef5FootnoteRef field. Not available through the Field dialog box. Inserted programmatically or interactively.
wdFieldFormCheckBox71FormCheckBox field.
wdFieldFormDropDown83FormDropDown field.
wdFieldFormTextInput70FormText field.
wdFieldFormula49EQ (Equation) field.
wdFieldGlossary47Glossary field. No longer supported in Word.
wdFieldGoToButton50GoToButton field.
wdFieldGreetingLine94GreetingLine field.
wdFieldHTMLActiveX91HTMLActiveX field. Not currently supported.
wdFieldHyperlink88Hyperlink field.
wdFieldIf7If field.
wdFieldImport55Import field. Cannot be added through the Field dialog box, but can be added interactively or through code.
wdFieldInclude36Include field. Cannot be added through the Field dialog box, but can be added interactively or through code.
wdFieldIncludePicture67IncludePicture field.
wdFieldIncludeText68IncludeText field.
wdFieldIndex8Index field.
wdFieldIndexEntry4XE (Index Entry) field.
wdFieldInfo14Info field.
wdFieldKeyWord18Keywords field.
wdFieldLastSavedBy20LastSavedBy field.
wdFieldLink56Link field.
wdFieldListNum90ListNum field.
wdFieldMacroButton51MacroButton field.
wdFieldMergeField59MergeField field.
wdFieldMergeRec44MergeRec field.
wdFieldMergeSeq75MergeSeq field.
wdFieldNext41Next field.
wdFieldNextIf42NextIf field.
wdFieldNoteRef72NoteRef field.
wdFieldNumChars28NumChars field.
wdFieldNumPages26NumPages field.
wdFieldNumWords27NumWords field.
wdFieldOCX87OCX field. Cannot be added through the Field dialog box, but can be added through code by using the AddOLEControl method of the Shapes collection or of the InlineShapes collection.
wdFieldPage33Page field.
wdFieldPageRef37PageRef field.
wdFieldPrint48Print field.
wdFieldPrintDate23PrintDate field.
wdFieldPrivate77Private field.
wdFieldQuote35Quote field.
wdFieldRef3Ref field.
wdFieldRefDoc11RD (Reference Document) field.
wdFieldRevisionNum24RevNum field.
wdFieldSaveDate22SaveDate field.
wdFieldSection65Section field.
wdFieldSectionPages66SectionPages field.
wdFieldSequence12Seq (Sequence) field.
wdFieldSet6Set field.
wdFieldShape95Shape field. Automatically created for any drawn picture.
wdFieldSkipIf43SkipIf field.
wdFieldStyleRef10StyleRef field.
wdFieldSubject16Subject field.
wdFieldSubscriber82Macintosh only. For information about this constant, consult the language reference Help included with Microsoft Office Macintosh Edition.
wdFieldSymbol57Symbol field.
wdFieldTemplate30Template field.
wdFieldTime32Time field.
wdFieldTitle15Title field.
wdFieldTOA73TOA (Table of Authorities) field.
wdFieldTOAEntry74TOA (Table of Authorities Entry) field.
wdFieldTOC13TOC (Table of Contents) field.
wdFieldTOCEntry9TOC (Table of Contents Entry) field.
wdFieldUserAddress62UserAddress field.
wdFieldUserInitials61UserInitials field.
wdFieldUserName60UserName field.
wdFieldBibliography97Bibliography field.
wdFieldCitation96Citation field.

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