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How to: Create a Workbook

Office 2007

To create a workbook in Visual Basic, use the Add method. The following procedure creates a workbook. Microsoft Excel automatically names the workbook BookN, where N is the next available number. The new workbook becomes the active workbook.

Sub AddOne()
End Sub

A better way to create a workbook is to assign it to an object variable. In the following example, the Workbook object returned by the Add method is assigned to an object variable, newBook. Next, several properties of newBook are set. You can easily control the new workbook by using the object variable.

Sub AddNew()
Set NewBook = Workbooks.Add
    With NewBook
        .Title = "All Sales"
        .Subject = "Sales"
        .SaveAs Filename:="Allsales.xls"
    End With
End Sub

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