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PrintOut Macro Action

Office 2007

You can use the PrintOut action to print the active object in the open database. You can print datasheets, reports, forms, data access pages, and modules.

 Note   This action will not be allowed if the database is not trusted. For more information about enabling macros, see the links in the See Also section of this article.


The PrintOut action has the following arguments.

Action argumentDescription
Print RangeThe range to print. Click All (the user can print all of the object), Selection (the user can print the part of the object that's selected), or Pages (the user can specify a range of pages in the Page From and Page To arguments) in the Print Range box in the Action Arguments section of the Macro Builder pane. The default is All.
Page FromThe first page to print. Printing starts at the top of this page. This argument is required if you select Pages in the Print Range box.
Page ToThe last page to print. Printing stops at the bottom of this page. This argument is required if you select Pages in the Print Range box.
Print QualityThe print quality. Click High, Medium, Low, or Draft. The lower the quality, the faster the object prints. The default is High.
CopiesThe number of copies to print. The default is 1.
Collate CopiesClick Yes (collate the printed copies) or No (do not collate copies). The object may print faster if this argument is set to No. The default is Yes.


This action is similar to selecting an object, clicking the Microsoft Office Button Button image, and then clicking Print. With this action, however, no Print dialog box appears.

If you have particular print settings you use frequently, create a macro containing a PrintOut action with these settings in its arguments.

The arguments for this action correspond to options in the Print dialog box. However, unlike the FindRecord action and Find and Replace dialog box, the argument settings aren't shared with the Print dialog box options.

To run the PrintOut action in a Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) module, use the PrintOut method of the DoCmd object.

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