Last modified: October 13, 2012

Applies to: Exchange Online | Exchange Server 2007 | Exchange Server 2010 | Exchange Server 2013 | Office 365

The FolderName element identifies a single managed custom folder to add to a mailbox.




The following sections describe attributes, child elements, and parent elements.



Child elements


Parent elements




Contains an array of named managed custom folders to add to a mailbox.

The following is the XPath expression to this element:


A text value is required. The text value represents a folder name.

Although you can use Exchange Web Services to add managed custom folders to a mailbox, you cannot use the same technology to access the list of available managed custom folders. You can obtain a list of managed custom folders by using an Exchange Management Shell command or by using an API that interfaces with the Active Directory directory service. The folder name is the name of the corresponding Active Directory object.

You can use the FindFolder operation to find managed custom folders. Use the DeleteFolder operation to delete managed custom folders.

It is important to note that FolderName is the name of an existing managed custom folder in the organization. An attempt to add a folder that is not in the organization will result in an error response.

The schema that describes this element is located in the EWS virtual directory of the computer that is running MicrosoftExchange Server 2007 that has the Client Access server role installed.


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