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WorkflowTemplate Object

Office 2007
Represents one of the workflows available for the current document.


A WorkflowTemplate object corresponds to one of the options displayed in the Start New Workflow dialog box. On a Web page, the workflow templates are displayed as a list of options.


The following example displays the name of each workflow template in the current document and then displays workflow specific configuration user interface for a specific template. It should be noted that calling the GetWorkflowTemplates method involves a round-trip to the server.

Visual Basic for Applications
Sub DisplayWorkTemplates()
Dim objWorkflowTemplates As WorkflowTemplates
Dim objWorkflowTemplate As WorkflowTemplate
Dim cnt As Integer 

Set objWorkflowTemplates = Document.GetWorkflowTemplates() 

For cnt = 1 To objWorkflowTemplates.Count
   Debug.Print objWorkflowTemplate(cnt).Name

Set objWorkflowTemplate = objWorkflowTemplates(1)

End Sub