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MsoBevelType Enumeration

Office 2007
Indicates the bevel type of a ThreeDFormat object.
msoBevelAngle6Specifies an Angle bevel.
msoBevelArtDeco13Specifies an ArtDeco bevel.
msoBevelCircle3Specifies a Circle bevel.
msoBevelConvex8Specifies a Convex bevel.
msoBevelCoolSlant9Specifies a CoolSlant bevel.
msoBevelCross5Specifies a Cross bevel.
msoBevelDivot10Specifies a Divot bevel.
msoBevelHardEdge12Specifies a HardEdge bevel.
msoBevelNone1Specifies no bevel.
msoBevelRelaxedInset2Specifies a RelaxedInset bevel.
msoBevelRiblet11Specifies a Riblet bevel.
msoBevelSlope4Specifies a Slope bevel.
msoBevelSoftRound7Specifies a SoftRound bevel.
msoBevelTypeMixed-2Specifies a mixed type bevel.

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