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Microsoft Office Project 2003 Software Development Kit: Overview

Office 2003

Welcome to the Microsoft Office Project 2003 Software Development Kit (SDK). The SDK contains documentation, tools, and sample applications called Solution Starters to help customize Project 2003, and to extend and integrate Microsoft Office Project Server 2003 with a wide variety of desktop and business applications for enterprise project management.

The Project 2003 Software Development Kit, including documentation and samples, is available as a download. For more information about Project 2003 and related downloads, see the Microsoft Office Project and Microsoft Office Developer Center for Project Web sites.

If you are new to Project development, or if you are planning a new solution that involves Project, the article Getting Started: Developing with Project 2003 provides an overview of the technologies for client-based and server-based development.

Project Client Development

The following topics are specific to development for Project Professional 2003 and Project Standard 2003. In addition, the topics in Programming Tasks show how to develop COM add-ins for Project and how to extract timephased data if you are using the Project client directly with a database through ODBC. Project client development can also include creating Web Parts for custom views that use the Grid Control and other ActiveX® controls that are installed with Project Web Access 2003.

  • Project Guide 101 explains the Project Guide architecture and shows how to design and develop custom Project Guides and custom views for Project Standard 2003 and Project Professional 2003. The download includes five samples that you can easily configure for installation on a remote server, along with a complete collection of the default Project Guide files.
  • Microsoft Office Project Visual Basic Reference includes the Project object model and help topics for Microsoft Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) objects, properties, methods, and events. These topics in the Project SDK include bug fixes to the built-in VBA Help in Project.
  • XML Schema Reference is the same as the pjxml.chm help file that is installed with Project; it is now included in the Project SDK for convenience. Project XML data offers great flexibility. For example, you can programmatically import, merge, append, or export project data in an XML file with the VBA methods FileOpen, OpenXML and FileSaveAs. You can also use custom applications to create and then validate project XML data with the Project XML schema, transform the data with XSL, and use it in essentially unlimited ways to help create reports and integrate Microsoft Office Project 2003 with other applications.

Solution Starters

Solution Starters include the following to help integrate Project Server 2003 with line-of-business (LOB) applications:

  • A workflow application for Microsoft BizTalk® Server.
  • Extensions to integrate with the Siebel CRM (customer relationship management) application.
  • Samples that show how to extend the OLAP cube for Portfolio Analyzer.
  • A solution to implement enterprise rollup and reporting across multiple Project Server sites with a single query point.
  • Extensions that synchronize Project Server with ERP (enterprise resource planning) and financial solutions from SAP®.

Project Data Service (PDS)

Project Data Service Reference The PDS is an XML-based API for Project Server. Client applications and extension components use the PDS to programmatically log on to Project Server and use SOAP to call PDS methods. The PDS enables the development of new applications, and the integration of other applications such as Microsoft Office InfoPath™ 2003 with Project Server. For information about updated PDS topics, see What's New in the PDS for Project Server 2003.

The PDS is itself extensible. The PDS reference includes a template for developing PDS extensions and tools for testing extensions and using the PDS. PDS extensions also require use of the Project Server Security Object. PDS extension samples include the following:

Project Server Integration

Programming Tasks

Other References