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Building Smart Tags for Two Office Versions [Office 2003 SDK Documentation]

Office 2003

Since the ISmartTagRecognizer and ISmartTagAction interfaces have not been changed for Microsoft® Office 2003 (new interfaces have been added), you may be tempted to build smart tags that will span Office versions.

For example, you might try to build a smart tag that uses ISmartTagRecognizer, ISmartTagAction, ISmartTagRecognizer2, and ISmartTagAction2, and then use both the Recognize and Recognize2 methods for the recognizer class, and both the InvokeVerb and InvokeVerb2 methods in the action class. That way, the same smart tag could conceivably work in Office XP and Office 2003.

However, it is generally not recommended and is not a good practice to develop smart tags for use in earlier versions (downlevel usage), even if the earlier API remains unchanged.

Even though it is possible in some cases to make a smart tag work in more than one version (as discussed in Migrating Smart Tags from Office XP to the Office 2003 Editions), smart tag solutions generally do not only use the smart tag type library. It is very common for smart tag solutions to use an application's object model, and therefore use its type libraries. These type libraries can change over time.