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Merge Method [Excel 2003 VBA Language Reference]

Office 2003

Merges the scenarios from another sheet into the Scenarios collection.


expression Required. An expression that returns the Scenarios object.

Source   Required Variant. The name of the sheet that contains scenarios to be merged, or a Worksheet object that represents that sheet.

Merges the styles from another workbook into the Styles collection.


expression Required. An expression that returns the Styles object.

Workbook   Required Variant. A Workbook object that represents the workbook containing styles to be merged.

Creates a merged cell from the specified Range object.


expression Required. An expression that returns the Range object.

Across   Optional Variant. True to merge cells in each row of the specified range as separate merged cells. The default value is False.


The value of a merged range is specified in the cell of the range's upper-left corner.


This example merges the styles from the workbook Template.xls into the active workbook.

ActiveWorkbook.Styles.Merge Workbook:=Workbooks("TEMPLATE.XLS")